Hashtags run amuck on social media and they are not just for teenagers anymore.

They are for everyone and they’re everywhere!   They can be found in print, on billboards, on product packaging for brand promotion and are even utilized in broadcast media and political campaigns. We see temporary hashtags being used to engage in a specific conversation and long-staying hashtags that amass the power to champion a movement nearly instantaneously.

#mostwontiwill is my movement. It is just like me ; straight forward and should feel innate to those who use it. Most won’t, I will is my personal motto and I’ve shared it in search of the doers, not (just) the dreamers. It is for the action-oriented individuals who know what is supposed to be done in order to achieve and then do it. They are focused, they’re determined and they don’t make excuses. These, are my people.

Since implementing this hashtag I have found a number of individual who embrace just share this mentality. They are not making excuses, they are not busy criticizing others, they are not frozen in fear, they are not dwelling on past mistakes and they are not here to be average. They’ve put in the hours and they know the possible that lives in them. When the pressure is on, they are ready.

These are my people. They refuse to be anything less than successful. They choose to be better, to do their best, and get more out of life than is seemingly possible. When it comes to getting what they want, they are “all in” and mind you, it’s not all about business success either. The most won’t I will ideology can be applied to any type of dedicated action. Getting down to brass tacks, #mostwontiwill is for all those working to create a better life and by default, a better world.



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