In the previous blog post, you learned how to own your actions and ensure that the things you allow in your life are essentials for your success and worth spending your life’s resources on.

If you missed out on these, take the time to work your way from the start: Prime your Mind 

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If, you feel your mind is already primed and you’ve already established your goals but your actions just aren’t producing results the results you are seeking, you need to Own your Actions before learning how to: Own your Actions


If you’re all caught up and ready to take the next step, it is time to recognize that resources are wonderful in and of themselves, but ultimately -not all resources are created equal.

Time is, without a doubt, the most valuable resource known to man. Money can be re-earned, energy can be replenished, but the time you spend, never comes back.

The problem is that most people think the best way to be productive is to do as much as possible, every minute of every day. This is false. In order to achieve your goals and attain the high-performance success you desire, you must learn to leverage your time through designing your day. You need to become a Hustle Architect.

To do that, you must rewire the way you think about time and productivity.

The mainstream concept of balance in today’s world is bullshit. Our concept of balance has become a little of everything or everything in moderation. Wrong. You must seek to balance only the essential. And then only in a way that delivers the results you really want, without sabotaging the rest. This is the kind of balance you need.

Multi-tasking is a myth. Stop trying to do multiple things at the same time. Real, productive balance is the act of engaging in one task at a time with in-depth focus -and then, balancing that by doing the same in the next task. This allows you to immerse yourself in the present moment, to go “all-in” and do your best work.


Now that we’ve cleared your brain of heavily-held misconceptions about time, let’s rebuild.

The Hustle Architect Blueprint

Start with finding your bio-rhythms. Every individual body has an ideal bio-rhythm—it has peak times that are perfect for high-energy or creative tasks, and it has low times, which are perfect for low-energy or repetitive tasks. Don’t waste your peak time with busy tasks that have little effect on your progress toward your goals. Instead, design your days to utilize each moment optimally.

Build your days with new balance. Don’t make the essentials of your life compete, make them complementary. Give each essential item its very own sacred time slot, organized in a way that fits your energy and moves you forward with your goals.

Account for personality. In the same way that a night-owl’s time table will look different than an early bird’s, other aspects of your personality affect your ability to focus. Some people prefer to get the easy stuff out of the way upfront. This motivates them to tackle the big stuff. Others prefer to dive deep into their most crucial areas first, leaving the less critical stuff for later. However you work best will ultimately work best. Just make sure you own your actions and do not procrastinate.

Experiment to find your ideal. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and try something new. You may be surprised how much you enjoy a new approach. Just don’t forget that change can be hard and may take time to adjust. Don’t give up too soon. Bottom line; don’t keep anything that doesn’t work for you.

Again, remember this: your time is your most valuable resource. You must use it wisely to be successful. And if you’re not at the level of success that you dream of, learning to properly manage your time is one of the most powerful things you can do to get yourself there. It will revolutionize your life.

A Hustle Architect knows that hustle is not haphazard–it’s your vision, executed with precision.

Most won’t, I will. Will you?



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