S-U-C-C-E-S-S is a big word with a broad meaning, and you don’t have to be in business to understand why it is a hot topic.

Everyone has their own idea of what it is to be successful. Success might mean running your own business or having a profession that provides financial freedom. It may look like a happy marriage and a big family. It could be defined by your spiritual relationship or your ability to use your gifts to serve others on a daily basis. Perhaps it is a combination of some or all of these, or something else altogether.  The one thing most everybody who has done anything can agree on, is that finding “success” begins with mindset and is followed by action.

Success as it pertains to business is rooted in optimism. It begins with owning the belief that the services and products you offer can make a positive impact or difference in the world -and by default, your pocket.

We’ve covered the process of setting yourself up for success and now it’s time to take this knowledge and match it with your ability to get to f*cking work. This is where many people get de-railed. It is not difficult to dream of all the ways you could be successful –and creating a perfect image of yourself within success has its own value, but it will never manifest if you do not do the work. End of story.

People are good at finding limited success in the business world and a number of these people are satisfied in this place, and that’s okay. Today I am talking to those who have found a certain amount of success in business and this has left them wanting more, much more. They are either already action-oriented or are just now taking their first steps in the direction of their dreams. They are not afraid of hard work, long hours and true sacrifice. This is all to say, they are committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed. These are my people. 


Up to this point, you may have thought that the Capital S in the title of this post refers to success itself, and yes, in part that is true, but the goal here is to leverage mindset and find application.

In this, let’s reapply the Capital S to something highly valuable to business success:  SALES. Like it or not, it does not matter how good your services or products are, if you do not have sales, you are SCREWED with a Capital S.

Let’s say you are great at what you do. You’ve already proven your concept and have figured out how to make money in your space. You know who your target market is, and you’ve also figured out more than one way to reach them.  Your next step is to expand your business through a sales team.

Now, if you are a very small business, your sales department might consist of just one individual, but the key is that you have one or more people within your business whose primary objective is to focus on bringing in new business revenue. This will allow you to grow and expand your business AND continue to optimize on the aspects of your business you enjoy and/or do exceptionally well.

There are many facets to business success particularly for those who want to go beyond average. Without a strong foundation in sales, you are setting yourself up for failure –which you then must survive.

What do you say we skip that step this time around?

Most won’t, I will. Will you?





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